Why We're Different


Ditch the Brand Bullies, Sleep Sound with Colchonia!

Ever feel like a tiny guppy swimming with mattress-shaped sharks? Yeah, us too. Big brands with their fancy talk and sky-high prices leave you snoring in frustration.

Colchonia is your hammock in the storm! We're the opposite of those brand bullies. No crazy minimum orders, just awesome mattresses at down-to-earth prices. We'll even help you pimp out your store and send those monstrous bills packing!

We get the small business struggle! Need a couple mattresses to fill a gap? Want a truckload to fuel your mattress empire? We're down for whatever floats your sleep-deprived boat! No more boardroom blues wondering why the "big guys" win.

Join the mattress movement! Colchonia brings quality service, quality products, and the respect you deserve. This mattress game needs a shakeup, and we're here to make it happen. Get ready for some seriously restful dreams!

Hit us up! Let's rewrite the mattress industry, one comfy night at a time.